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Animator, worked on TTG, LaLa Loopsy, Give a Mouse a Cookie and Pickle & Peanut. I also make NoMan in my spare time.

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SuperPhil64's News

Posted by SuperPhil64 - April 18th, 2016

Hey Newgrounds!

I'm thinking about making an illustration celebrating all types of Newgrounds
related super heroes for Pico Day. I want to make sure i'm not forgeting any
essential ones so i thought you guys may have some suggestions.

Here is who's on my list so far.

-Burnt Face Man
-Captain Capitalism
-Captain Crash
-Captain Tardigrate
-Smash Girl
-Team Lazer Explosion

These are the ones that came to mind, tho there's so many amazing
animations on this website i'm bound to have missed some. So if you
guys can think of any i should include that would be awesome!


Posted by SuperPhil64 - April 15th, 2016

Yo guys! Just a quick post to say No-Man ep4 is out!
It's pretty short so if you have a minute and twnty seven to spare
please give it a look!

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this doing voices as
well as the awesome NG composers who allowed me to use
their awesome music!



Posted by SuperPhil64 - April 5th, 2016



Hey guys! I'm back from not posting anything to let y'all know that No-Man episode 4 is on track to be out in a couple weeks so keep yer eyes peeled to Newgrounds for another mediocre adventure! It's been a long time coming since my last animation but im pretty excited about this one, it looks much better than the previous episodes and should have higher quality sound as well. Thats about all i can say about it since it's pretty short, but from the title card you can tell it's obviously about No-Man doing something cool and heroic..... yeaaahhhh heroic.

Posted by SuperPhil64 - January 19th, 2016

Just wanted to make a quick post to comemorate my 100 (101 now, daming i was too slow!) fans on NG!

To comemorate this arbitrary number enjoy as sexy pic of sexy bare-chested Torso Warrior louging on some numbers.



I got lots of fun stuff planned for this year, and hopefully most of it will actually get done and nobody will regret clicking that heart button!

Thanks to anybody who follows me here or elsewhere.


Posted by SuperPhil64 - January 8th, 2016

No-Man continuity update!

So it has come to my attention recently that i messed up the continuity in a couple of pages and decided to go back and fix it. They’re not huge changes but the mistakes bugged me enough that they had to be fixed!

Firstly, i forgot to draw the window be broken when the apple mech falls in page 26. How did no man get in there before i don’t know because i sure as heck forgot to draw him punching his way in if he did!



Secondly, this one is a big mess up on my part but in page 29 i drew them flying off the apple bot except it was still standing so that’s done and fixed now! Don’t know how i made such an obvious mistake but that’s dealt with now!


And finally since i was in the process of editing older pages i decided it was a good opportunity to revise the whole comic and make it more appealing to he masses by making use of modern 3D technologies! This will allow me to tell the true tale of No-Man in a way i couldn’t do before, and so behold a small preview of the changes to come!


INTRODUCING YOYO BAR! No-Man’s lovable CG companion!


YoYo, he speaks funny, that should bring in the young reader demographic! Watch as this lovable alien from Xlarg0n 12 flips the story you know and love upside down.


His inclusion really enriches the world of No-Man… heck maybe i can get rid of No-Man and replace him with YoYo.


I’ve also gone back and added more background characters to scenes, a feat that would have once taken days to draw now only requires only MINUTES of work thanks to Stock Photo technology!
So yeh basically get ready for No-Man on Roids! This shit is getting REAL!
Happy 2016.

RIP in peace YoYo


Posted by SuperPhil64 - October 17th, 2015

Do you guys want a chance to win some FREE No-Man merch? Want a chance to get physical copies of the comic or even some fashionable buttons to wear in every day life situations and look like an cool guy or gal? Do you like to draw pictures of things and stuff?

Than this contest is for you!


—Contest rules—-

You can make your Fan art in ANY medium you want and about any No-Man character you want. Absolutely ANY character as long as it’s from the comic or animated episodes counts. Liked that cop from comic #2? Yep even he counts!

Note, rule 34 type content won’t count towards the contest or be posted on the website.

Winners will be picked by a team of panelist which will include me, cecameron and two cats.

Once we picked out our favorites we will e-mail back the winners and get your addresses so we can ship your stuff!


—-Contest ends Dec 1st—–

Please send your fanart to nomancomic@gmail.com or post it to tumbler with a mention of @nomancomics so i can see it. Or even send me a NG private message!

now without further ado….

















First Place Prize: No-Man Mega-pack
-No-Man Comic Vol 0, 1 and 2
-No-Man Button set
-One pack of No-Man cards
-No-Man Paper Doll
-Small No-Man Print


Second Place Prize Includes
-No-Man comic Vol 1
-No-Man Button set
-Small No-Man Print


Third Place Prize
-No-Man button set

There you have it! If anyone has any further questions feel free to send me a PM on Newgrounds or e-mail me at nomancomic@gmail.com

And remember…  No-Man pins look great on cats so don’t miss out!


Posted by SuperPhil64 - July 5th, 2015


Here’s a screen from the first Scene from Ep3 i’ve finished! Still got a bit of a ways to go. I’ve been extremely busy/away from home lately but that should change so, so stay tuned!

In the mean time why not re-watch episode 2 eh ; )

Posted by SuperPhil64 - May 24th, 2015


Just hung up and framed this awesome picollage print today! Coupled with my tankmen my desk is slowly becoming a Newgrounds shrine, and i'm totally fine with that!


Posted by SuperPhil64 - April 27th, 2015


I was super fortunate to attend NG's 20th anniversary this year and boy was it a great time! I got to meet so many incredibly talented and friendly people, drink some free beer and explore way more of america than i ever had. I never would have imagined i'd ever get to visit Newgrounds the physical location, and it was a heck of an amazing experience. Driving 40+ hour in one week end is exhausting but it was fucking worth it!

This website means a whole lot to me and is one of the primary reasons i am an animator today. Thank you so much to Tom Fulp for creating this awesome place and for inviting Carmen and I's nerdy canadian butts to celebrate it's 20 years.

May Newgrounds live on for another 100 years!

Posted by SuperPhil64 - March 3rd, 2015

Over the week end i was asked to help on animation for a short episode of
a potential web series! It was a blast to work in our makeshift little studio with
so many talented people and free food! If this gets enough attention this might become a
series so check it out and share with your friends! : D

Unfortunately since this is not my project i can't post the video to newgrounds but please check it out on the official youtube channel.