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NoMan scraps

Posted by SuperPhil64 - February 24th, 2018

Hey Newgrounds!

I've recently finished up the storyboards for No-Man Episode 5 (which is Technically the 7th one), and while I was working on that I found some old concepts and scraps of episodes that never were that I've never shared before. Figured it be fun to share some of it and talk about some No-Man projects that never were!


First up is the only remaining clip of the first version of NoMan Ep2. I started working on it in late 2013 and had most of the voices recorded and a few scenes roughed out. However It was arround that time that my friend Jill and I started a let's play chanel and it ended up pushing NoMan to the side for a while. I still fully intended on finishing the episode, however my Laptop decided to give up on life and I lost everything from that project. This clip is the sole surviving piece of V.1 of episode 2. It was lost in the depths of my google drive until I found it again years later.

Ended up changing the dialogue for the end scene in the final version because this one kinda makes no man feel like too much of  gross old scuzz bag.


Up next is the orriginal concept for ep4!




Episode 4 was orriginally going to be going to be about NoMan saving his friends in VideoGal's virtual reality prison. There were a few ideas I liked in it but In the end it didin't really flow as well as i'd have liked and the jokes were really flat. It eventually became the basis for that pixel art No-Man comic I made last year so the idea didin't completely die off at least.



And the final unreleased NoMan project was to be a Noman's sky parody. It was going to be a really quick one off joke but it was also arround the time the NG summer animation jams were going on and that ended up taking priority.

By the time i'd have had time to work on it again the game had been out for a while and became somewhat of a joke already so going back to it felt a bit pointless. All that survived was this logo and the background for scene1.




And that's about it for NoMan scraps. Hopefully you guys find it mildly interesting. It's going to be a while until Episode5 is finished but hopefully I'il have some stuff to share about that in the not too distant future.


Until next time



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Cool dude!
High five!

Looking forward to it!!