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Animator, worked on TTG, LaLa Loopsy, Give a Mouse a Cookie and Pickle & Peanut. I also make NoMan in my spare time.

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Happy Pico Day everyone!

Hope everyone had a chance to look at the rad submitions today. I certainly did not expect to see Kerrigan and Ark pop up in a P-Day animation but that was a delightfull surprise, the series was one of the first ones I watched way back in the olden days of NG so it was nice to see these characters re-surface!

I've uploaded my PicoDay art piece which you can check out over here. I tried to focuss on some of the newer NG characters since I find these kind of fan arts generally tend to focuss on the real classic ones and there's so much great new stuff being uploaded on here all the time! I wish i'd have had more space to include more characters, it was tough to chose which ones to cram in there. Drawing this actually made me want to see a sequel to Newgrounds Rumble. A new NG fighting game with characters from the past 10years since the orriginal game would be sweet!

Seccondly I learned a few days ago that No-Man Episode 1 Redux will be opening for "Big Bad Fox and other creatures" at the AFX animation festival in Halifax! I'm excited since this will be the first time No-Man will ever be shown on the big screen. It's also a bit nerve racking as the BigBadFox feature looks like a fantastic film! Silver lining is it's taking place on the week end I'il be away to Ontario so I won't have to sit nervously in a theater hoping that the crowd takes well to No-Man. Also want to once again thank @cecameron, Liam S. and @saminat for their help on this short! In any case if any of you are in Halifax and are attending the festival let me know how it goes!


On a last note, I've stalled a tad on NoMan5 these past few weeks but it's about 1/3 of the way done and I'm hoping to release it at the latest sometime in July.


 Here's a still from a finished scene!


That's all for now.

Happy Pico Day!





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