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French Canadian animator, worked on TTG, LaLa Loopsy, Give a Mouse a Cookie, anim supervisor on Pickle & Peanut & Care Bear Unlock the Magic. I also make NoMan in my spare time.

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Hey Newgrounds, it's been a while since I made a post so thought now would be a good time!

Yesterday I reached 1200k fans.

This might seem like a weird milestone to celebrate, but at the start of this year I had about 600 followers, so in this one year alone I've made as many followers as I did in my entire 8 year on Newgrounds. A big thanks to everyone who rates and comments and watches my stuff, I really appreciate all of your support! Newgounds is a big reason why I'm an artist and an animator today and seeing all the awesome art that happens here every day is just so constantly inspiring!

This year has been a bit of a rollercoster on a personal level, but one thing that's been a net positive is how excited I've been about making art. Since I've been working from home for over a year and a half I've been able to find a semblance of a work/life balance which has been nice and it's allowed me a lot more free time to work on art. The only one of my new year's resolution I've actually kept up with actually is to draw every day. In the past I use to spend time thinking about what kinds of animation or art I should make, worrying about all the mistakes and flaws and getting upset when things didn't turn out the way I wanted. On thing I've been living by this year is to only make things I feel like doing and to allow myself to not worry too much if things didn't turn out perfect or didn't get a reaction. And in doing that I've wound up making way more art than I would normally do and I think better art too. Heck I went into this year planning on not starting any animated projects and I've made more of em this year than I did the past few years. Anyways I'm kinda just rambling to myself here, just feels good to be at a spot where I can make stuff and enjoy making stuff again and I hope this keeps up for a long time to come.

I guess in closing I'll just point you guys to this animated shitpost @cecameron and I did recently!


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