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Animator, worked on TTG, LaLa Loopsy, Give a Mouse a Cookie and Pickle & Peanut. I also make NoMan in my spare time.

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SuperPhil64's News

Posted by SuperPhil64 - April 27th, 2015


I was super fortunate to attend NG's 20th anniversary this year and boy was it a great time! I got to meet so many incredibly talented and friendly people, drink some free beer and explore way more of america than i ever had. I never would have imagined i'd ever get to visit Newgrounds the physical location, and it was a heck of an amazing experience. Driving 40+ hour in one week end is exhausting but it was fucking worth it!

This website means a whole lot to me and is one of the primary reasons i am an animator today. Thank you so much to Tom Fulp for creating this awesome place and for inviting Carmen and I's nerdy canadian butts to celebrate it's 20 years.

May Newgrounds live on for another 100 years!

Posted by SuperPhil64 - March 3rd, 2015

Over the week end i was asked to help on animation for a short episode of
a potential web series! It was a blast to work in our makeshift little studio with
so many talented people and free food! If this gets enough attention this might become a
series so check it out and share with your friends! : D

Unfortunately since this is not my project i can't post the video to newgrounds but please check it out on the official youtube channel. 


Posted by SuperPhil64 - February 3rd, 2015

I have a few projects lined up for this year but it seems like the first one that will be making it's way here is No-Man episode 3. Just finished the boards today and recieved some of the voice work, so hopefully animation work can begin within the month! 

Right now the plan is to have it done by end of April!

For more no-man check out the blog, new comics every week (tho i also upload them on NG!)


Posted by SuperPhil64 - July 6th, 2014

I've never made a Newgrounds journal before so i thought i'd just

write a blurb about my recent comic, The Passable Adventures of No-Man. 

It's a comic about a hero with an unfortunate super power which makes it

impossible for him to say Yes. You can read it over on the official Tumblr

blog or on my Deviant art account, OR right here on ol Newgrounds!


I have some animations planned for the character aswell and some more

interesting ideas for the comic so stay tuned!


Go make some art