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Mr.Roots and Future Animations

Posted by SuperPhil64 - October 30th, 2016

I recently just released my new Animation Mr.Roots, my first creepy animations and i thought i'd write a small blurb about it and about what i have planned for the future in terms of animations.

This animation was a bit different then what i'm used to. I mostly make silly cartoons so doing a creepy more serious animation was an interesting challenge. On top of that this was the first time i ever had other animators help me do cleanup on an animation.  Work has been pretty crazy lately so without the help of @cecameron and @amenduhh there is no way this would have been done on time for Halloween.


Re-watching this again i can already see some earea's of improvement i could work on to make my next craapy animation scarer. Slower pacing and allowing more room for suspence is definitely one of them.


For anyone interested here is a pic of my storyboarding process for this. Had them taped up on the wall next to my desk this past month, It il be kinda weird to see them off now.


Now looking to the future i have tons of ideas for future animations! I probably won't have much time until nect year to get into big projects but I am going to do my best to do some sort of small No-Man christmas special episode. I'm hoping to start working on it as soon as Halcon is over in about a week.


I'm also hoping that sometime early next year I'm hoping to finish an older animation i started all the way in April. I lost interest in it and got side tracked by the Summer Jams but i'm hoping to be able to recruit a few friends to help finish it up.


I also have some storyboards for a full Teyeler episode that I'm looking foward to get to as well as a few animation Ideas @cecameron and I came up together. So provided that my schedule allows it next year should hopefully be a really prolific year!


And that's all for now!

Thanks to everyone who has watched my animations so far this year.




Comments (4)

Awesome!! Let me know next year if you need any help on a couple scenes! =D

That would be fantastic, thanks! That animation has been lingering for too long and i really just want to get it out of my backlog haha.

Cool stuff, dude! It's always cool to see artists go out of their comfort zone to try and create something new; it always ends up with interesting results! Also, looking forward to more No-Man; you can never go wrong with that guy.

Thanks man, appreciate it! It was a bit intimidating having never tried to do anything scary before but it was a really fun experience. I want to do all varieties of content so i have to try and force myself to do whatever my idea is even if i don't feel really confident going in.

That said I'm really excited to do something else with No-Man this year! : D

That mr roots animation was very nicely done! The music you picked really helped it along, and I loved that long zooming shot. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next year! Hit me up sometime, maybe I could be of assistance :)

Hey thanks really appreciate the kind words! @Fubaka and @Nugit are both crazy good musician, the audio portal is a godsend for a musically illiterate guy like me haha.

I really appreciate you reaching out. Would be honored to have you on board for a project. I'm definitely looking for some voice acting help in the future, amongst other things. getting real tired of hearing my own voice all the time haha. : D

Looks great!
Let me know should you need a voice actress to help out :)

Thanks, I really appreciate the offer. : D
PS love Freedom Planet, your VA in that game was great!