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No-Man Christmas Special & Some Shitty Xmas Movies

Posted by SuperPhil64 - December 17th, 2016

Hey everybody, the No-Man Christmas special is out! My 7th and last animation this year. Even tho none of them are fantastic and mostly pretty short it feels really good to have managed to be more productive this year compared to 2015's measly 1 animation. I've got loads of ideas for new stuff and I'm really excited to work at improving my and the background art for my toons. I think these are the two elements i want to work out the most.

This animation was especially fun because i got to get my two young cousins involved. These two kids are probably my biggest fans so it was great to get to teach them about the voice acting proces and have them be part of one of my toon.

Lastly i want to thank everybody who's watched my stuff and given me feedback this year! Making cartoons is probably one of the things I like doing the most and the fact that anybody watches them at all means a lot.


So hope you all have a good holiday season and a happy new year and for the love of god 2017, please don't be as much of a dick as 2016 kthanks.



And as a asside note I'm getting ready to host a bad christmas movie night at my place so anybody who's into that kinda stuff here's a list of the ones we will be watching. I recoment loads of alchool before the viewing of any of the following.




Comments (2)

I hear yah! I've had a super productive year as well, even if I feel like there's loads of room for improvement:) here's to an awesome 2017!

Cheers to that my friend! Looking forward to a great 2017! : D

Oh my lord! I've never seen that Rapsittie Kids thing before!
What a load of bizarre crap!

Merry Xmas!

If you want a good read look up the story behind the making of it. The fact that it got made is beyond bafeling. Its next level "FoodFight" shit.

Merry Xmas, hope you enjoy these garbage movies!