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Pico Day/Sketchbook Roundup

Posted by SuperPhil64 - May 11th, 2016

Pico Day 2016 was amazing! This was my second time going and i can't overstate how fortunate i feel to be part of this comunity and get to meet so many friendly and talented people. This year instead of flying we took the plane which was a great stress off our backs, we drove from Halifax to Philly last year and barely had time to sleep/hang arround. This time we got to hang arround the NG offices on Sunday as well and do some retro game shopping which was a blast!

Anyhow, without further ado here is the collection of awesome sketches that were left in my sketchbook by you lovely people. Hopefully i get all of your usernames correctly, and if you've done one of the unsigned drawings lemme know, i'd love to know who did some of these great mistery drawings!



Page1 @mosh-bit-cartoons , KayloRen and @pajakinthebox gave these NG characters new bodies!

Page2 I believe @knights did this sexy noman body, but i'm not 100% sure.

Page3 Tom gets a swanky new look!

Page4 Sketches from @sillybeans, @yurgenburgen and an amazin drawing of yargenburgen as a snake by the one and only @TomFulp

Page5 @alexsarzosa drew his fantastic super team. He told me the story he has in store for these guys and it's absolutely hylarious. Can't wait!

Page6 @squidly 's squid, @cecameron telling lies and a cool DoverFuckBoy. Can't remember who drew Tom Dover but i love it!

Page7 @knights and @flikkernicht was great to catch up with you guys!

Page8 A page filled with sketches by some of my favorite dudes! @mosh-bit-cartoons @thewillyboo @rikert and @cleod-9

Page9 @jackdcurleo @test-object and @radiodark did this amazing phalic masterpiece which is probably one of the best thing to happen in all of Pico Day!

Page10 @barnhouse (leethompson) did a really cool skelesnake @fgijonc makes an appearance and i got a signature by the legendary @strawberryclock . It was awesome to get to talk to SBC about B and other questions i'd had since i was a kid.

Page11 @radiodark

Page12 @voltage created a cool chainsaw battle lady and i got to help name her. She's not related to No-Man tho, her full name is nomenclature!

Page13 @test-object your art is amazing! And @radiodark back for a 3rd time what a trooper! Really like how these 2 drawings come together!

Page14 @howardwimshurst did a great drawing but unfortunately the drawings fromt the other page bled through the paper.

Page15 I don't remember the name of the person who drew this but i do remember him telling me he was some sort of bug mario. I think it's name is Gario?

Page16 @fgijonc makes an other appearance on this page alongside a great drawing of the bug guy wearing tom's face by some talented unknown.

Page17 A friendly crab by unknown?

Page18 @saminat you and me both!

Page19  Had the pleasure to meet the incredibly talented @deathink this year! Got this cool golden hitler drawing from him.

Page20 @wellingl left this cool doodle while my sketchbook was unatended.

Page21 @jonas delivers a warning!

Page22 @ukinojoe drew a frumplequest arguing with some big head and @barfconvention drew this rad clown guy. Was great to hang out, you guys are both lovely people!

Page23 I have no idea who drew this unicorn, but it looks fantastic!

Page24 @twistedgrim drew this lovely heroin! Was great to meet you.

Page25 @w-p-s did this fabulous gnome drawing with a twist. Hope you found a good spot for your Bob Hoskin as Mario figure on your shelf!

Page26 Two of the last people i got to meet @misterchris and Katelyn. You guys were really nice and talented, wish i'd got to meet you guys sooner! Another great artist CF, will have to sort through my buisness card pile so i can find your NG username again.

Page27 Hidden waaaaayyy at the end of my sketchbook this cool jellyfish by @quarl ! Was great meeting you, you blew my socks off with you sick beatboxing skillz!!


And that's it for this year's sketches! I can't believe how many i got this year, you talented bastards. It was great to see so many people from last year again and to meet so many new fresh faces. Wish i coulda talked to even more of you guys. An enormous thanks to Tom for making such an event possible and gathering so much talent under one roof!

Hope to see you guys next year!



Comments (9)

very rad mate, was ace meeting you, all the best!!!!!!!!!!

Same to you! Thanks again for showing me that game store.

It's an Octopus :0

Was a pleasure meeting you :)

I'm starting to doubt my authenticity!
Same to you! Hope to see you there again next year dude. :D

hey dude, thanks for the shoutout but i didnt draw that picture! I only drew the part in the bottom right corner because I wanted to have something in the sketchbook aside from my name so I drew that terrible looking face in a rush!

So yeah, whoever drew the awesomepart, claim that!!

Hey thanks for letting me know il make the edit! Hope i can find who did this. I was fairly drunk at that point so i cant recall who drew it haha.

I meant the picture on page 16 btw!


You're a Nice!

hahaha, thanks for out doing yourself with an awesome upload post. I looked at everyone's drawings. So much talent ^0^

Oh man glad you enjoyed my collection! Almost missed your drawing at the waayy end of the book. People surprisingly drew on all the pages in order, last year's sketchbook had drawings scattered like crazy.

Thanks for scanning and documenting your sketchbook! Now I'm starting to picture an interactive sketchbook exhibit.

A collection of everybody's sketches in a virtual sketchbook would be great! I thought about doing it for mine and quickly gave up, my coding skills are pretty non-existent. Thanks again for your great Yurgensnake!

heh that's pretty cool, you got so many sketches! great meeting you man and sketching in my sketch book. Hopefully we'll meet again next year!

Real nice meeting ya dude! Thanks for the sketch, hope we get to meet again next pico day.

Thanks for posting these! I half assed a lot of sketches this pico day and I think that third one in your sketchbook is probably my favorite. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope we get to talk more next year!

Really enjoyed that one too! Your art and test-object's art when really well together on that page. Hope we get to talk more next year, was real nice meeting ya!