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No-Man Episode 1 Redux is OUT!

Posted by SuperPhil64 - November 20th, 2017

Hey Newgrounds!

It's finally here! The movie event nobody asked for, No-Man Episode 1 has been re-made!


The orriginal No-Man animation was made as an animation test while I had downtime at work almost 5 years ago. It had verry little thought put into it in terms or story or action or anything really, so as I started putting more effort in subsequent episodes it started really bugging me that the first thing people might see when they see No-Man is 30 secconds of Nothing. After bringing back that kid character in the christmas special I thought it would be a good time to try and re-make it since the character now had a voice and a bit of a personality. 

It was also a more collaborative effort than usual which was nice! This is the first animation I've made in which I didin't have to do any of the voices thanks to Brian the voice of No-Man, @saminat and my cousins taking care of the VO work. I was also approached by my friend Liam who works in the BG department at work about collaborating arround that time. Backgrounds are fun but they have never been my strong suite so I couldn't pass the opportunity to finally have some nice looking layouts in NoMan! 

I was hoping to release this in the summer but right as I was starting to get into the thick of It I became an animation supervisor at work which meant a pretty big uptick in responsibilities which made it much toughter to get motivated to do more animation on my own time. It was however a fantastic experience so I hope I can apply the things I've learned this year in my future projects!(which hopefully won't take another 9 months to release)

Anyways that's way too many words for a 3 minute cartoon so I'il stop here!

If you like it please share it arround!

If you hate it share it anyways to annoy friends and family!



Comments (2)

Very impressive work! I was really nervous to see how my voice would flow with the animation, but it was very pleasing! Damn smooth animation man

Thanks man, Glad you liked it!
You did a great Job with his voice, really fits the character!

You dun good, man. You've improved a ton.

Thanks dude! : D
I'm already seeing a few things I want to improve on for the next one but I'm pretty happy how this one turned out especially compared to the original first one haha.