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SuperPhil64's News

Posted by SuperPhil64 - 1 month ago

Hey Newgrounds, No-Man Turns 10 today!


Ten years ago I published the first ever No-Man comic on blogspot.


It looked pretty terrible but for some reason I've stuck with this character the longest out of everything I ever created.

I first had the idea for the character wile bored during perspective class. Judging by the look of this comic I should have absolutely been paying more attention : P

The comic run ended almost exactly a month later with a Comic by No-Man's voice actor Brian Lemmey.


This comic became the basis for the story of No-Man Episode2. Brian was the person who was the most excited about the whole NoMan thing so when I started animating No-Man I immediately thought of him. Honestly NoMan might have not continued past Feb23 2010 if Brian hadn't kept asking if I was doing more No-Man comics. He's actually voiced the character in animation school projects as far back as 2012 so his VA role as No-Man precedes the actual series.

I don't have any big plans for the next episode yet but I'm excited to make something even better than Ep5 in the future. Before then I wat to get the french versions of No-Man written & recorded and maybe animate something not No-Man related.

Anyhow I'm rambling at this point. It's just really nice to think about how far I've progressed as an artist in the last 10 years and the fact that I've manage to stick with the character for so long. I'm super grateful that anybody would even watch or read my dumb animations and toons. A huge thanks to everybody who's voiced characters or helped with production of episodes in any way and an extra special thanks for Newgrounds for featuring NoMan on the front page throughout the years. Judging by my YouTube numbers if it were not for Newgrounds nobody would be watching my dumb toons. : P

Anyhoo to celebrate NoMan turning double digits here's a remake of the first ever comic and a mega cut of every No-Man episodes with some extra enhancements. I also plan on putting out a video with bunch of animatic/unused/scraps, but it probably won't be out for a few days.


Thanks for Watching!




Posted by SuperPhil64 - November 11th, 2019

It's taken a while but No-Man episode 5 is finally out!

This episode was intended to come out much, much earlier. As a matter of fact I had about 1/3 of it done by summer 2018, however a mix of heavy work and some personal life stuff made me drop the whole thing for almost half a year.

Taking so long to finish this episode had actually become a serious point of frustration for the last several months, but In the end I think it was for the best because It let me think of new bits to add and gave me time to iron out scenes I wasn't completely happy with before.

I initially was going to animate this in Toon Boom, that scene with sour grapes was actually initially roughed out in the basic cheep version of TB. As it turns out however, all but the most expensive version of TB actually have the features that make TB easier to use. It doesn`t even feature pressure sensitivity for the brush strokes which is such a crazy basic feature! Because of that I ended up switching back to Flash.


It was great to finally get to finally add Pomme de Terreur from my old comic series into the animated one! He initially had a gang of thugs all dressed in pear suits, however when writing this episode I decided to diversify the variety of his fruit crew and so only one pear remains. Designing the Fruit Bowl Bandits was probably the most fun I've had designing characters for animation and hopefully I can bring them back for something else in the future!

This episode also had the biggest variety of voice actors of any NoMan episode, I think even of any of my animated projects! @saminat especially did a fantastic job with Nightshade and Banana Brute, If i didin't know he recorded both voices I wouldn't be able to tell it's essentially him having a conversation with himself!

As a last note of the episode, I'm super gratefull Vinny vinesauce allowed me to use the RedVox song for the beach scene. I almost didn't bother asking since I didn't figure I wouldn't get a response considering how many e-mails he gets. I was about to put some generic beach music to play on YesWoman`s phone when I got a response, so that was a really nice surprise!

In terms of what I`ve got lined up yet, I do have some ideas for No-Man episode 6 but I don`t think I`Il be getting to that for a while. Next for No-Man will be some french translations/dubbing. Since a good chunk of the voice actors can speak french It will be nice to get to have the characters keep the same voice in a different language!

In terms of orriginal anim, I`m thinking of doing something shorter next, maybe a new Under the Couch episode. I`ve had some ideas written down for new episodes and they`re not too involved anim wise so that could be a nice break from the more involved anim in No-Man. Plus I need to get a new computer since my windows 7 machine is getting up there in age and I don`t want to start anything too big until I upgrade.

Anyhoo, these were my thoughts and ramblings on No-Man episode 5!

A big thanks to everybody who was a part of it and hope you guys enjoy the episode!



Posted by SuperPhil64 - May 5th, 2018

Happy Pico Day everyone!

Hope everyone had a chance to look at the rad submitions today. I certainly did not expect to see Kerrigan and Ark pop up in a P-Day animation but that was a delightfull surprise, the series was one of the first ones I watched way back in the olden days of NG so it was nice to see these characters re-surface!

I've uploaded my PicoDay art piece which you can check out over here. I tried to focuss on some of the newer NG characters since I find these kind of fan arts generally tend to focuss on the real classic ones and there's so much great new stuff being uploaded on here all the time! I wish i'd have had more space to include more characters, it was tough to chose which ones to cram in there. Drawing this actually made me want to see a sequel to Newgrounds Rumble. A new NG fighting game with characters from the past 10years since the orriginal game would be sweet!

Seccondly I learned a few days ago that No-Man Episode 1 Redux will be opening for "Big Bad Fox and other creatures" at the AFX animation festival in Halifax! I'm excited since this will be the first time No-Man will ever be shown on the big screen. It's also a bit nerve racking as the BigBadFox feature looks like a fantastic film! Silver lining is it's taking place on the week end I'il be away to Ontario so I won't have to sit nervously in a theater hoping that the crowd takes well to No-Man. Also want to once again thank @cecameron, Liam S. and @saminat for their help on this short! In any case if any of you are in Halifax and are attending the festival let me know how it goes!


On a last note, I've stalled a tad on NoMan5 these past few weeks but it's about 1/3 of the way done and I'm hoping to release it at the latest sometime in July.


 Here's a still from a finished scene!


That's all for now.

Happy Pico Day!





Posted by SuperPhil64 - February 24th, 2018

Hey Newgrounds!

I've recently finished up the storyboards for No-Man Episode 5 (which is Technically the 7th one), and while I was working on that I found some old concepts and scraps of episodes that never were that I've never shared before. Figured it be fun to share some of it and talk about some No-Man projects that never were!


First up is the only remaining clip of the first version of NoMan Ep2. I started working on it in late 2013 and had most of the voices recorded and a few scenes roughed out. However It was arround that time that my friend Jill and I started a let's play chanel and it ended up pushing NoMan to the side for a while. I still fully intended on finishing the episode, however my Laptop decided to give up on life and I lost everything from that project. This clip is the sole surviving piece of V.1 of episode 2. It was lost in the depths of my google drive until I found it again years later.

Ended up changing the dialogue for the end scene in the final version because this one kinda makes no man feel like too much of  gross old scuzz bag.


Up next is the orriginal concept for ep4!




Episode 4 was orriginally going to be going to be about NoMan saving his friends in VideoGal's virtual reality prison. There were a few ideas I liked in it but In the end it didin't really flow as well as i'd have liked and the jokes were really flat. It eventually became the basis for that pixel art No-Man comic I made last year so the idea didin't completely die off at least.



And the final unreleased NoMan project was to be a Noman's sky parody. It was going to be a really quick one off joke but it was also arround the time the NG summer animation jams were going on and that ended up taking priority.

By the time i'd have had time to work on it again the game had been out for a while and became somewhat of a joke already so going back to it felt a bit pointless. All that survived was this logo and the background for scene1.




And that's about it for NoMan scraps. Hopefully you guys find it mildly interesting. It's going to be a while until Episode5 is finished but hopefully I'il have some stuff to share about that in the not too distant future.


Until next time



Posted by SuperPhil64 - November 20th, 2017

Hey Newgrounds!

It's finally here! The movie event nobody asked for, No-Man Episode 1 has been re-made!


The orriginal No-Man animation was made as an animation test while I had downtime at work almost 5 years ago. It had verry little thought put into it in terms or story or action or anything really, so as I started putting more effort in subsequent episodes it started really bugging me that the first thing people might see when they see No-Man is 30 secconds of Nothing. After bringing back that kid character in the christmas special I thought it would be a good time to try and re-make it since the character now had a voice and a bit of a personality. 

It was also a more collaborative effort than usual which was nice! This is the first animation I've made in which I didin't have to do any of the voices thanks to Brian the voice of No-Man, @saminat and my cousins taking care of the VO work. I was also approached by my friend Liam who works in the BG department at work about collaborating arround that time. Backgrounds are fun but they have never been my strong suite so I couldn't pass the opportunity to finally have some nice looking layouts in NoMan! 

I was hoping to release this in the summer but right as I was starting to get into the thick of It I became an animation supervisor at work which meant a pretty big uptick in responsibilities which made it much toughter to get motivated to do more animation on my own time. It was however a fantastic experience so I hope I can apply the things I've learned this year in my future projects!(which hopefully won't take another 9 months to release)

Anyways that's way too many words for a 3 minute cartoon so I'il stop here!

If you like it please share it arround!

If you hate it share it anyways to annoy friends and family!



Posted by SuperPhil64 - October 4th, 2017

Hey guys! Just dropping by to share a small No-Man teaser I put out the other day! 

It's pretty short but I can only show so much of a 3-4min animation without spoiling everything but here it is!

I posted this over YouTube but you can be sure as heck the episode will be released on Newgrounds first!


I'm hopping to have this done in 3-4 weeks but depending on how busy work will get It may take a bit longer. 

Hopefully end of October at worse mid Nov. It's been a bit frustrating taking so long with this one but hopefully in the long run It il be worth it! 




Also here's a poster I made to go along with this! when i Have some free time I might go make some more for the other episodes at some point.

Posted by SuperPhil64 - June 10th, 2017

Hey just a quick update!

No I'm not dead and YES I'm still working on the next animated NoMan adventure. It's gonna take a bit of time yet but If you're interested in following my progress I've started streaming semi regularly on Twitch. I also have a Kitty cam so if you don't care about my cartoons you can always come for the cats!

Watch live video from superphil64 on www.twitch.tv

Anyhoo that's all for Now! I'il be streaming in about 20min if anybody wants to join in and yell obsenities at me!

Posted by SuperPhil64 - April 2nd, 2017

Hey there Newgrounds, how's it been?

I figured since it's been a while since I've made an update id do one now!

For starters i'm currently working on the next EXCITING* adventure of No-Man! This time arround however, my good friend Liam has graciously offered to do the layouts for it. Being that he is an actuall professional Layout artist and my backgrtounds are ehhh... modestly adequate to put it lightly i definitely couldn't turn down that offer. Now being that his layouts are so much better than my previous ones and since i now don't have to worry about making a bunch of backgrounds this is opening me up some time to really improve on the animation side of things. So needless to say this is going to take a while. Definitely coming out this year but its going to take a bit of a while.

In the meantime here is a small preview of what it's looking like at the moment!


Now you ASK* what's this episode about? What is episode 5 about?

Well what I can say is that it's not episode 5 just yet and is something verry special to me. So yea you'il just have to wait. Thankfully newgrounds has like a billion animations you guys can watch in the meantime.

On a side note for the people who've not seen it yet i put out Under The Couch last month. Its a new series thingy i made so i'd be able to animate quick little episodes whenever i had some spare time and a creative itch, but not the time to make anything big. I may have a few out this year. I'm going to be pretty damn busy until october so i think NoMan might be the only really big thing i get to put out this year, but who know??

Oh and on a final note here's a thing i made an animation for. Its a creepy type reading of a bunch of Gaster related Undertale stuff. I animated gaster in it. It's pretty short but it was a fun little side thing to work on!


Thats it for now! Time to get back to work on No-Man!



*No-Man is never exciting

*Nobody is asking


Posted by SuperPhil64 - December 17th, 2016

Hey everybody, the No-Man Christmas special is out! My 7th and last animation this year. Even tho none of them are fantastic and mostly pretty short it feels really good to have managed to be more productive this year compared to 2015's measly 1 animation. I've got loads of ideas for new stuff and I'm really excited to work at improving my and the background art for my toons. I think these are the two elements i want to work out the most.

This animation was especially fun because i got to get my two young cousins involved. These two kids are probably my biggest fans so it was great to get to teach them about the voice acting proces and have them be part of one of my toon.

Lastly i want to thank everybody who's watched my stuff and given me feedback this year! Making cartoons is probably one of the things I like doing the most and the fact that anybody watches them at all means a lot.


So hope you all have a good holiday season and a happy new year and for the love of god 2017, please don't be as much of a dick as 2016 kthanks.



And as a asside note I'm getting ready to host a bad christmas movie night at my place so anybody who's into that kinda stuff here's a list of the ones we will be watching. I recoment loads of alchool before the viewing of any of the following.




Posted by SuperPhil64 - October 30th, 2016

I recently just released my new Animation Mr.Roots, my first creepy animations and i thought i'd write a small blurb about it and about what i have planned for the future in terms of animations.

This animation was a bit different then what i'm used to. I mostly make silly cartoons so doing a creepy more serious animation was an interesting challenge. On top of that this was the first time i ever had other animators help me do cleanup on an animation.  Work has been pretty crazy lately so without the help of @cecameron and @amenduhh there is no way this would have been done on time for Halloween.


Re-watching this again i can already see some earea's of improvement i could work on to make my next craapy animation scarer. Slower pacing and allowing more room for suspence is definitely one of them.


For anyone interested here is a pic of my storyboarding process for this. Had them taped up on the wall next to my desk this past month, It il be kinda weird to see them off now.


Now looking to the future i have tons of ideas for future animations! I probably won't have much time until nect year to get into big projects but I am going to do my best to do some sort of small No-Man christmas special episode. I'm hoping to start working on it as soon as Halcon is over in about a week.


I'm also hoping that sometime early next year I'm hoping to finish an older animation i started all the way in April. I lost interest in it and got side tracked by the Summer Jams but i'm hoping to be able to recruit a few friends to help finish it up.


I also have some storyboards for a full Teyeler episode that I'm looking foward to get to as well as a few animation Ideas @cecameron and I came up together. So provided that my schedule allows it next year should hopefully be a really prolific year!


And that's all for now!

Thanks to everyone who has watched my animations so far this year.